Efficient Consumer Capital (March 2024)

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Efficient Consumer Capital (March 2024)



The index is determined by evaluating hundreds of individual stocks and weightings amongst them, evaluating their collective past performance during particularly volatile moments with the objective to outperform other public indexes such as SPY and QQQ. Performance is measured with a high emphasis on lower drawdowns, and higher upside returns. The companies represented in this index have a diverse selection of products in uncorrelated industries and have seen recent market appreciation, which correlates to their respectable balance sheets. The index contains stocks that consistently outperform, and targets lower cost to purchase.

  • Inception Date02/29/2024
  • WeightingCustom
  • # of holdings4
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All holdings as of July 19, 2024
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e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. (ELF)71.22%$10.01B76.89%67.79%11.24
Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (FIX)13.43%$10.87B30.85%18.53%2.08
EMCOR Group, Inc. (EME)12.50%$17.09B18.75%17.17%1.23
Medpace Holdings, Inc. (MEDP)2.85%$13.05B17.73%28.99%6.46
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