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The AI-powered investment research platform that combines institutional financial data with real-time contextual analysis for better market insights

The latest AI contextual analysisTrusted market and financial dataProprietary data pipelineInstitutional-quality portfolio backtesting and benchmarking
Thematic provides months of investment research in minutes


Leverage generative AI to discover alpha

Generate ideas and develop a P.O.V. • Understand a broad topic or theme • Identify potential investment ideas • Understand a company or industry • Quickly screen for eligibility with key company metrics


Supercharge your existing workflow

Build portfolios and pressure test • Seamless corporate action handling • Instantly calculated portfolio metrics • Backtest over years and situations • Track over time and look for signals

Thematic has unrivaled industry functionality
An open prompt structure that auto-recognizes financial filters
As speedy as it is secure and trustworthy
Institutional-grade, quality data
Contextual and financial factor analysis
Multi-agent, AI-optimized for investment management
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Generate alpha and maximize resources of any size team

Supercharge your investment research process and spend less time on process and more on uncovering insights, going deep, and honing your advantage. Build, backtest, track strategies, and develop bespoke products – all in one platform.

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Accelerate and identify new opportunities

Become expert on any company, industry, trend. Quickly focus resources on alpha-generating ideas and make them actionable. Accurately and immediately process the impact of news, earnings, and trends on your positions.

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Cast your net deep and wide

Quickly understand fundamentals and spend more time on insights, key drivers, and modeling. Find accurate answers to your questions just by asking, instead of digging. Quickly build comps, industry analysis, and charts, all within your workflow.

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Save time and money while covering more ground

Uncover insights while our AI-powered research platform makes sure you don't miss a thing. Build, backtest, track, and develop bespoke strategies - all in one place.

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Build customized portfolios at scale

Complete with portfolio analysis, benchmarking, backtesting, and tracking. Develop bespoke products for your clients. Seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows with our flexible and powerful API.

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What customers are doing with Thematic

Intelligent Alpha is at the forefront of embracing AI as a transformative force in investing

Intelligent Alpha, an asset management firm, develops and tracks strategies with an AI- assisted investment committee. Over 70 % of their strategies are outpacing their non - AI assisted benchmarks.

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WGA and Chris Whalen Indices track and feature the top 10, 25 and 50 publicly traded banks

Whalen Global Advisors focuses on the banking, finance and mortgage sectors. With over 3 decades of experience covering the industry, their proprietary evaluation framework is the leading scorecard for financial institutions.

PinkChip is out to prove that female-led companies are better for business, whether markets like it or not

Pink Chip tracks the performance of companies led by extraordinary women. Built by AKQA, the renowned global design agency. In partnership with UN Women and DeGiro.

Data and intelligence to help solve the world's most important social and environmental changes.

HolonIQ, a market intelligence firm, is the global leader in data and insights on the impact economy. Products developed and tracked on Thematic range from climate, education, health, to individual countries.

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