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Industry-first Index platform combining Web3 assets + equities.

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Now, index creators can integrate crypto into their investment strategies, build representative benchmarks, and track themes and ideas over time…

The Lux Web3 Infrastructure Index

As an investor in Web3, Lux Capital wanted to track performance of the ecosystem but filter out some of the noise from the signal. Lux found several issues with current Web3 benchmark indices - overweighting Bitcoin and Ethereum, meme coins that come and go, and an inability to view the entire industry.

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By choosing companies that focus on the underlying infrastructure of the Web3 ecosystem, and combining public companies making significant investments in Web3, Lux was able to create an index that accurately captured their investment thesis.

Web3 Sectors

Only Thematic's product capabilities - combining Web3 assets and equities, running backtests in seconds, supporting multiple weighting strategies, and integrating custom metrics - gave Lux the power to realize their vision.

Web3 Graph
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