Specialty Coffee Equal Weighted Index


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Specialty Coffee Equal Weighted Index (SCOFE) Why was this index created? The Equal Weighted Specialty Coffee Index (SCOFE) was created to provide investors with a diversified exposure to the specialty coffee sector, ensuring that each company, regardless of its size, has an equal influence on the index. Investment Thesis SCOFE aims to capture the growth potential and stability of the specialty coffee market by including companies significantly involved in various stages of the coffee value chain, without favoring larger companies over smaller ones. Objective The objective is to offer diversified and balanced exposure, reducing concentration risk by giving equal weight to each included company. Rebalanced quarterly, SCOFE provides a unique investment opportunity in the dynamic specialty coffee sector. For the complete thesis, visit farmersvaluefirst.com.

  • TickerSCOFE
  • Inception Date06/12/2024